Adding new entries

Rider Entry screen
Manual Rider entry

Manual entry

New entries can be entered manually or by uploading a CSV data file from an online entry system. Once the entries have been added an entry list is displayed and details can be edited. Riding numbers can be left blank and added later.
An Entry List can be viewed from the trial page.
Editable rider list
Numbers can be entered once all the riders have been added.

Upload file details

Entry data can be uploaded as a CSV (comma separated values) file saved from either an online entry system or a spreadsheet / database application. It must conform to the following formats:
  • A text file with all fields separated by single commas
  • The first row must include the following column headers - MemberNumber, EntryClass, FirstName, Surname, MachineMake, ActualRiderNumber, MachineCapacity
  • All other rows contain the data for each entry

Using the ACU online entry system

Entry data can be downloaded from the Entrant Details CSV link on the ACU system / View Events Details / Docs page. Currently, the datafile downloaded is not correctly formatted and includes extra data which prevents the entry details from being read. The file can be edited using Excel or other spreadsheet software to remove this data and save as a correct (.csv) file.